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Our Services

Automation and Control

Automation and control of machinery can have significant benefits on the production process. It can considerably lower operating costs, improve worker safety, reduce lead times, and maximise production output, all whilst providing a quicker return on investment.

Bespoke Machine Parts

We understand the importance of obtaining durable, effective, and high-quality machine parts.

Cost-Saving Activity

The whole ethos of OEE is to ensure customers receive Value-added services from every aspect of our engagement.

Design and Modelling

Whether you are building a new plant, implementing a new line, or designing a new product, you can trust us and our experienced team to deliver all your design and modelling needs.

All our designs start with concept development, followed by parametric design generation or 3D modelling.

Precision Tooling

The accuracy of tooling is vital to meeting critical safety and design standards, as well as ensuring optimal strength of finished products. We understand the importance of having tools that are precise and can stand the test of time.

Process Improvement

Many Plants and organisations struggle to maintain the highest quality standards or manufacturing out-put on an on-going basis.

Project Management

Our Project Managers have extensive experience managing and delivering high-value projects in excess of £40mn.

Training and Development

Investment in people through Training and development is key to long-term sustainability of business.

Turn-Key Projects

A Turn-key approach to any Capital Project takes stress away, OEE do the ground work, planning and execution ensuring expectations are met if not exceeded.

Value-Added Support

At OEE we work on the same or similar machines in multiple organisations, thus developing standard practices to minimise downtime within a maintenance and delivering a more complete and cost-effective result.